Huduma Kenya Programme

It is a programme by the Government of Kenya that aims to transform Public Service Delivery by providing citizens access to various Public Services and information from One Stop Shop citizen service centres called Huduma Centres and through integrated technology platforms.

Huduma Kenya is a ‘one stop shop’ approach in reforming service delivery in Kenya. Huduma Kenya involves amalgamating related services within one building, possibly on the same floor, effectively making it possible for service seekers to access it conveniently.

This means that you will be able to get services such as issuance of national identity cards, issuance of birth certificates, registration of business names, and applications of business licences, drivers’ licences, police abstracts… and many other services in one place.

Among the changes to be introduced in the public service include introduction of one stop Huduma Service Centres to provide customer services to citizens from a single location, online e-Huduma web and mobile portal to provide integrated services offered by various government ministries, departments and agencies and a unified and integrated channel Huduma payment gateway to facilitate ease of payment for government services.

Huduma DNA

The Huduma DNA references to the guiding principles that have steered the success of the Huduma Kenya programme.


new ideas, radical, transformation.


trust, accountability and impartiality.


pleasant, hospitable, respect.


easy, fast, simple and smart services.


high quality, honesty and irreproachability.